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Before this round of competition, Baoding Rongda had just been deducted 6 League points by the Football Association, and the form of relegation was very severe.

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At the beginning of the game, the Red Lions in the home game occupied the advantage of ball control. In the fifth minute, the Red Lions made a smooth cooperation on the left side of the front court, and Zhang Zongzheng shot high. In the 11th minute, Zhang Zongzheng was shooting from a small angle after breaking through on the left. In the 14th minute, Baoding Rongda Team played smoothly in the front field, and the 9th Xia Dalong's long-range shot missed. In the 18th minute, Baoding Rongda's defence made a mistake and the Red Lions Su Jianhu's single-knife ball was thrown out by the opposing goalkeeper. In the 23rd minute, Baoding Rong's corner kick was off the goal. With the passage of time, Baoding Rongda gradually stabilized its position and threatened the Red Lion's goal with corner kicks and positioning balls. In the 32nd minute, Zhang Zongzheng of the Red Lions Team passed the ball down the right road, and Su Jianhu's goal was saved by his opponent's goalkeeper. In the first half of the match, the two sides had nothing to do with each other and entered the half-time at 0:0.

The desire of Baoding Team to score points is obviously stronger than Red Lions Team, which controls the situation on the field. In the 54th minute, Red Lions played a continuous short pass in the front court, and Shi Hanjun's header was blocked by the Baoding guard. In the 62nd minute, the Red Lion team got the chance of corner kick. The corner kick went into the penalty area and was ejected by the opponent. Then the Baoding team kicked back smoothly. 9 Xia Dalong broke the deadlock and scored 0:1 on the court. The backward red lions team fought back. In the 68th minute, Zhong Hua had a chance to make a single shot in the counterattack, but it was defused by the defender. In the following match, the Red Lion attacked heavily, but missed several shots. In the 89th minute, the Red Lion was broken in the back court. Wang Xinyu, No. 14 of Baoding Team, scored 2:0 on the court. In the 93rd minute, Baoding scored another goal with a free kick, scoring 0:3 on the court.

Eventually, the Red Lion lost at home to Baoding and ended all the home games of the regular season.





The game is the last home of the Red Lions regular season. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of The People's Republic of China, the Red Lions players put out banners to celebrate the birthday of their motherland.


Qingdao Red Lions lost 3-0 at home to Baoding Rongda in the just-concluded 29th round of the competition.


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